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Sunday October 22, 2017

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King Resource Business Group

Our band is a labour of love that springs from a deep and abiding admiration for the music of Joe Cocker. His status as one of rock and roll's enduring performers and his gutsy, gravelly vocal style and unique stage presence make him not only one of the most dynamic singers in the music industry, but one of the most distinctive voices in the history of rock and roll. For us, he is a true cultural icon. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to accurately represent one of the most well respected interpreters of classic soul records, big power ballads, and high energy tracks of our generation. Conceived by Chris Benjey, the Joe Band brings together a talented cast of Detroit and Ann Arbor musicians dedicated to one thing: paying homage to a performer who through either influence, inspiration, or both has had a profound effect on our musical lives. Our approach, of course, is to recapture the sound of Joe's marvelous bands, but more importantly to bring the frenetic spirit of his live performances, like Woodstock, to our audience. Our hope is that in achieving this we offer a both nostalgic feeling for times gone by and a relentless energy that transcends the past and embraces the present.
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