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Sunday October 22, 2017

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If Variety describes other variety bands then a new phrase needs to be coined for Ivory & Steel.

In addition to hits from the 30's to the present, including country, rock, easy listening, rhythm & blues, jazz, dixieland, and swing, they have the intriguing songs and rhythms of the Carribean. Calypso/socca, reggae, bossa nova, meringe and cha cha. Quick switch to the Pacific and they can play beautiful Hawaiian songs. They also can perfrom Louisiana zydeco and a polka or two.

Burt Kimberl-IVORY
Keyboard with a multitude of sounds to access is expertly coordinated with custom style computer sequencing. His voice has the unique capability to change just enough to make it sound like each style is his most comfortable one...

Cal Stewart-STEEL
Caribbean steel drums tastefully used in all styles. Sometimes as a subtle accompaniment, sometimes as an enchanting solo. To add even more dimesion, Cal also performs on flute, saxophone, and trumpet. 
"Ivory and Steel" songs

Island Songs:
*A Pirate Looks At Forty
*Boat Drinks
*Brown-Eyed Girl
*Changes in Attitude/Latitude
*Cheesebugers in Paradise
*Jolly Mon Sing
and more

*Brown Skin Girl
*Banana Boat Song
*Happy Lypso
*Jumpin the Line
*Life of the Pan Man
*Limbo Rock
*Mary Ann
*Pan in A-Minor
*Sixty Seven
*Women are Smarter
*Yellow Bird

And many more--From all styles of music!
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