Best Of Times


Best of Times was formed in the height of the pandemic in 2020.  When most bands were calling it quits, BoT set about to build the most authentic STYX tribute out there. 

Jeff Morris (keyboards) and George McGrew (guitar) from Bon Journey in Pittsburgh decided that the world needed a true STYX tribute.  They recruited Paul Soos from E5C4P3 – The Journey Tribute on bass guitar and Rick Arrendale on drums and hit the stage.  When George decided to step down in 2023, he was replaced by Alex Schreckengost and Ryan Monty, both from Right Now: A Celebration of Hagar-Era Van Halen.

Best of Times’ versions of Dennis DeYoung and Tommy Shaw set them apart from other STYX tributes, and they bring you back to the grand shows of the 70s and 80s when STYX put out Platinum Albums like no one else!

Come with us on a trip back in time to experience one of classic rock’s finest!

Best of Times is:
Jeff Morris – Dennis DeYoung Vocals, Keyboards
Alex Schreckengost – Tommy Shaw Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Monty – James Young Vocals, Guitar
Paul Soos – Bass Guitar
Rick Arrendale – Drums


1.Best Thing
3.Winner Take All
4.Light Up
6.Prelude 12
7.Suite Madame Blue
8.Crystal Ball
9.Come Sail Away
10.Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
11.Man in the Wilderness
12.Miss America
14.The Grand Illusion
15.Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
16.I'm O.K.
19.Boat on the River
21.Why Me
22.Rockin' the Paradise
24.The Best of Times
25.Too Much Time on My Hands
26.Don't Let It End
27.Haven't We Been Here Before
28.Mr. Roboto
30. Show Me the Way
31. Everything Is Cool
32. Waiting For Our Time
29.I Am The Walrus
30.Can't Find My Way Home
31.Gone Gone Gone



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