Best Of Times


Best of Times recreates the magic of a STYX concert like no one else can. The band covers the music with a note-for-note accuracy that is second to none and performs each show with the high-energy excitement of a real STYX concert as well as visually recreating the essence of late 70’s/early 80's STYX!  Focusing on the 'Return To Paradise era', Best of Times covers all the hits from 'Come Sail Away' and 'Babe' to 'Renegade' and 'Too Much Time On My Hands' including occasional surprises for all the die-hard STYX fans.  Best of Times is the ONLY STYX tribute with both and acting Dennis DeYoung (Jeff Morris) and Tommy Shaw (George McGrew).

Jeff Morris
- Jeff is an experienced classic and progressive rock vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, and songwriter residing in Pittsburgh, PA. He has performed numerous shows across the USA, Canada, and Brazil. Current projects include regional tribute acts Best of Times - a Tribute to Styx where he covers Dennis DeYoung's vocals and keyboards, and Bon Journey where he covers Steve Perry's vocals and the keyboards of Journey and Bon Jovi.

In 1991, Jeff wrote and recorded his first solo effort, Vita Brevis - Takes So Long, a four-song collection of music drawing from influences including ELP, Yes, Journey, Foreigner, Kansas, and Styx. The EP is available for download on his website. He is also a partner at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp based in Los Angeles.

George McGrew - George is an experienced rock multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from Canton, OH. Being raised in a musical family, George started playing at an early age.

After performing in a number of local bands, he connected with Paul and joined Eclipse in 2008. He has performed across the country as the Geddy Lee in 2112 - The Spirit of Rush, and is also a member of regional tribute acts Best of Times - a Tribute to Styx where he covers Tommy Shaw's vocals and guitar playing, and Bon Journey.

His influences are The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Rush.

Paul Soos - Paul is an experienced bassist and vocalist residing in Canton, OH. Since his first serious foray into performing as the lead role of Scrooge in a musical version of A Christmas Carol in sixth grade, he hasn't strayed far from the stage. His original Christian rock/metal band, Catalyst (similar in style to Stryper and Bon Jovi), released a CD in 1990 that received great reviews. However, after gigs across the mid-west and in LA and Hollywood, the band members decided to pursue different interests.

After stints living in Indiana and Arizona, he returned to Cleveland in early 2016 and reconnected with Jason Kelty, rejoining E5C4P3 - The Journey Tribute. George McGrew, who he had worked with previously In Eclipse, pulled him into his plans for Best of Times, and here we are! Paul also performs with his wife, Melanie, in The Color 9 and MPG.

Paul's favorite bassists are Ross Valory (Journey), Ricky Phillips (The Babys, Bad English, Styx), and Mark Trewavas (Marillion).

Rick Arrendale - Rick Arrendale is a progressive rock drummer from Akron, Ohio. He has traveled the eastern US & Canada with an original band Mandrin Cypher in the late '70's. Rick has performed with over 30 popular area bands such as Harlow, Joey Amato & friends, Dark Side of the Moon, Morrison Hotel.

Rick's musical roots & influences come from Black Sabbath, Yes, Kansas, ELP. His biggest drum heroes are Bill Ward, Neil Peart, Phil Ehart, Mike Portnoy.


1.Best Thing
3.Winner Take All
4.Light Up
6.Prelude 12
7.Suite Madame Blue
8.Crystal Ball
9.Come Sail Away
10.Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
11.Man in the Wilderness
12.Miss America
14.The Grand Illusion
15.Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
16.I'm O.K.
19.Boat on the River
21.Why Me
22.Rockin' the Paradise
24.The Best of Times
25.Too Much Time on My Hands
26.Don't Let It End
27.Haven't We Been Here Before
28.Mr. Roboto
30. Show Me the Way
31. Everything Is Cool
32. Waiting For Our Time
29.I Am The Walrus
30.Can't Find My Way Home
31.Gone Gone Gone



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