Donnie Baker


Donnie Baker, headlining comedian who is known best for his youtube videos and phone calls to the nationally syndicated "Bob and Tom" show. Donnie Baker travels the country telling stories about his boat that's still for sale. He also has a lot to say about his boss Randy, his Mom Phyllis, along with former girlfriends Angel Skinner and Patty Ferguson. Donnie Baker has over 1 million followers on Facebook alone and close to a million more on Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter combined. He "Swears to God" he does. Donnie Baker "the Bastard Maker" is also known for popular catch phrases such as "It's State Law," and "Shut Up Randy!" 


The Rock it & Shock It Comedy Show is a must see! Before the "Pork Pistols" band, it was just Donnie Baker and his best friend, guitar God, Scotty Winkler. Scotty is the rocker and Donnie Baker always brings the Shocker!  Just ask Angel Skinner.  This live show is a great combo of Donnie Baker's live comedy mixed with some great parodies and guitar solos from Scotty Winkler himself. Donnie Baker describes this show best as Hall & Oates on adderall. And he'll say it right to your face!


Donnie Baker and the Pork Pistols is the ultimate comedy based "Rock n Roll" experience. Donnie doesn't always travel with his band. Most night's it's just Donnie Baker solo, which Donnie refers to as a "One Man Pork-estra!" But the Power of the Pork is sure to light up any venue with stand up comedy nestled between countless parodies of Donnie Baker's favorite rock tapes. Swear to God!  With tributes to Van Halen, Ozzy, Poison and Journey's, (as Donnie would say) The Pork Pistols are ready to rock for you!  This isn't some average garage band. These guys learned to play in a Carport!  With Dusty Privette on drums, Todd Boner on bass and Scotty Winkler on guitar, Donnie Baker has the very best backing him as lead singer. The Pork Pistols have performed everywhere from Hollywood to Dollywood! Swear to God!



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