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Featured Acts
Tribute to Fleetwood Mac
World Turning Band
World Turning Band “The Live Fleetwood Mac Experience” is a Nashville based tribute band made up of 6 superbly talented, professional musicians.

What you get at a World Turning show is not only the music played andsung brilliantly but a performance that really captures the essence andpersonality of this iconic band. Whether it’s Stevie twirling with hertambourine looking longingly into Lyndsey’s eyes or that on the edgepassion that Lyndsey brings to his performance, the beauty, grace and soulof Christine’s voice or the hard rockin’ grooves of Fleetwood and McVie.
Femmes of Rock
The FEMMES OF ROCK show is a high-energy rock production fronted by four female violinists/vocalists. Virtuosic arrangements, original material, a live rock backing band, video, lights, choreography, comedy, and more can be expected in this energetic show that leaves audiences awed. The only one of its kind, there are no other similar string acts operating at this level of production. Be prepared for something that you have not yet seen the likes of.
Tribute to Heart
Barracuda-America’s Heart Tribute is America's hot, premier tribute to the famous rock band, Heart.

Hailing from Music City (Nashville, TN), each highly talented member is world traveled with an impressive number of years of experience and skill. The band is known for their monster vocals, brilliant musicianship and unceasing stellar performances which has created a solid foundation for this fabulous tribute to Heart.
Tribute toThe Eagles
The Eagles Project
It all began with an idea and a love of great music shared by talented musicians. Wanting a creative project to both enjoy and perform for fans became our mission and now we want to share it with you. All of our members have had success in the music industry and performed all over the country. Yet coming together to perform the music of the Eagles, Henley, Frey and Walsh and James Gang has created an explosive dynamic project. One that has been delighting and exciting fans of this music like never before.

Packaged Tours

Packaged Tours are produced to provide an exciting  evening of entertainment for all venues. Booking a Packaged Tour saves time, expense and allows for a smooth running show that will provide an outstanding experience for the entertainment dollar.

Let us work with you in selecting one of our Packaged Tours heading to your town soon.

Contact us regarding this unique opportunity.

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