PANAMA is the brainchild of front man, Ric D'Rose. After spending many years in original and cover bands, Ric felt inspired to form a tribute to one of the greatest rock bands in American history: early Van Halen. In an effort to replicate the hard-driving beats of Alex Van Halen, the bass showmanship of Michael Anthony, the incredible guitar riffs of Eddie Van Halen, and the signature harmonies that comprised the band Van Halen from 1979-1984, Ric has assembled some of the best musicians in the industry.


The members of PANAMA recreate with great detail and energy, the early Van Halen concert experience. D'Roses impersonation of David Lee Roth is spot on. The vocals with Roth's signature scream, blonde mane, stage acrobatics, flamboyant costumes, and party persona that defined "Diamond Dave" are all part of the show. The musicians in PANAMA exemplify entertainment and EVERY performance is aimed at engaging and delighting the audience. PANAMA DOES NOT USE PRE-RECORDED SAMPLE TRACKS. All of the instruments and backing vocals are performed live by the band. PANAMA has performed at numerous venues throughout the Midwest and is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the tribute industry.


There is magic in the moment when musicians play together and it all just fits. You can feel a bands chemistry and if the chemistry is there (and it is with PANAMA) it's a thing of beauty. That same chemistry is what defines all great bands. It is most assuredly what defined the original Van Halen. In 1985, many fans were depressed when David Lee Roth and the band split. The band was still phenomenal, but that "magic" was just not there anymore. It was the end of an era. PANAMA wants to bring back that magic, return you to a time when a group emerged from California to change the face of Rock and Roll: the legendary Van Halen. PANAMA is a high energy stage show complete with stage antics that are guaranteed to entertain.




Runnin with the Devil


You Really Got me

Ain't Talkin bout Love

I'm the One

Jamie's Cryin

Automic Punk

Feel Your Love Tonight

Little Dreamer

Ice Cream Man

On Fire




You're No Good

Dance the Night Away

Somebody Get Me a Doctor

Bottoms Up

Outta Love Again

Light Up the Sky


Women in Love

Beautiful Girls




And the Cradle Will Rock

Everybody Wants Some!!

Romeo Delight

Take Your Whiskey Home




Mean Street

Hear About It Later


So This Is Love




Where Have All the Good Times Gone

(Oh) Pretty Women

Little Guitars

The Full Bug







Drop Dead Legs

Hot for Teacher

I'll wait



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